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Calculating Value in a Social Media Post

Calculating Value in a Social Media Post

As a business, you may be wondering how social media adds value to your company, or how to get potential consumers to look at your social media and think “wow, their content is amazing.”
Today’s social consumer requires unique, actionable content that is aesthetically pleasing and provokes positive emotions. People consume information and content from different channels, but social media is where they go to talk about the things they’ve seen. This is why social media can provide a great deal of traffic to your brand if you’re using your content and advertising efficiently. Social media actions can be grouped to make it easier to calculate how much value you’re getting out of them.

Lowest to Highest Value:

Awareness – Impressions, Post Reach

Social media is the perfect place to create your brand because you can reach so many people each time you post. People seeing your brand and your posts are a good start, however, it’s more important to get them to continue on and engage with your posts.

Engagement – Post Clicks, Likes/Favorites, Link Clicks, Comments, Profile Visits

Positive interactions with your brand are a huge step in a customer’s journey. It’s very important to be using images and videos in your posts because those are the two types of posts that receive maximum engagement from consumers. When a customer interacts with your posts, they are getting closer to the purchasing step. However, there are still a few more steps to be taken.

Amplification – Reposts/Retweets, Mentions, Shares, Follows

Social media is where people go to tell their friends about their favorite products, brands, and purchases. Most online consumers rely strongly on recommendations from other shoppers to make their purchasing decisions. When people start following your social media channels and resharing or retweeting your posts, this is a big step in gaining more followers and earning their trust in your brand.

Conversions – Online Inquiries, Phone Calls, Form Fills/Sign-Ups, Purchases

You’ve gotten followers of your brand very close to a purchasing decision, so now it’s time to make the sale. This is where the value of social media posting leads to purchases for your business, and you’ve now led customers all the way through the purchasing journey.
Social Media Value Graphic