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Media Buying

Market Visions media buying services cover all forms of media
You name it we buy it.

You name it we buy it.

With over 25 years of media buying experience, Market Vision’s Media Buyers have the highest level of knowledge and skill in planning, purchasing and placing your advertisements. Today’s marketplace is an ever-evolving, multi-screen, multi-platform beast, but your ads need to run somewhere – and be seen! Whether it be television, radio, newspaper or billboards we know how to maximize your results with on a budget, no matter how big or small.

We are constantly looking for hidden opportunities to improve your frequency and reach. We’re not afraid to take action in getting you one more commercial spot-if it means giving you the opportunity to achieve one more sale! We will fight for your dollar to ensure the best placements and times are secured to target your demographic and geographic audience at the lowest negotiable cost.

We have your back

Our buying power is fueled by over 25 years of negotiating, building partnerships, and developing industry relationships that only experience can bring. We know who your competitors are, what marketing practices they are using, and how we can win the advantage. Our innovative team creates custom strategy plans and compliments your broadcast campaigns on social and digital levels as needed. We pay close attention to all media contracts so all agreements are fair and accurate. Programming schedules are outlined in detail to ensure your spots will have the highest opportunity to be seen and heard and avoid the chance of running against major programming specials. Market Vision has a proven track record of driven results with loyal clients and media partners.

Media Buying - Planning

Where We Excel

With over 25 years of media buying experience, Market Vision’s Media Buyers have the highest level of knowledge and skill in planning, purchasing, and placing your advertisements.



For over 25 years our clients have and will continue to grow their business utilizing TV even in the “New World of Video” and how ts dominating consumers attention. TV is still a dominant factor in consumers watching behaviors. Hours of content are being watched every day. Every consumer is watching videos on TV, Tablets, and smartphones. Our media buying strategies and experience have provided results to take advantage of this modern multi-screen consumer behavior.


TV media planning and buying services:

  • Audience targeting and segmentation
  • Audience media usage analytics
  • Programmatic buying
  • Broadcast television
  • Satellite television
  • Cable television
  • National, regional, local, and online OTT services

Radio and Audio Platforms


236 million people listen to the radio each week, online streaming continues to grow and capture audiences everyday…is your consumer hearing you?


The world of audio and sound is still impacting consumers every day. Consumers are listening to their favorite music and news channels on their favorite radio stations and online streaming platforms. With our creativity of producing “ear grabbing’ commercials combined with our targeting strategies, we know how to build the best campaign.

Social Media Ad Buying


Online social media buying Social media is constantly changing and we humans are social creatures utilizing these platforms hours every day. Our online marketing department understands how to target and build content that your customer will engage with. No matter if it’s Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Yelp, or the latest trending Snapchat filter, we cover the bases on social media.

Print-Outdoor-Direct Mail Service


From newspapers and magazines to billboards to tablets or good old-fashioned direct mail, Market Vision can get your ad seen. With over 25 years of experience, we have done them all.


Print media buying: From strategy planning to designing eye-catching ads for newspaper, magazine, and trade publications.


Outdoor media services. Including outdoor billboards, transit, digital boards, or even kiosk ads at malls or airports we design and know where to be for your customers to say “wow”

Direct mail services. Yep, the postman will bring you, customers. Market Vision can design, target, or saturate mail your customer right at their front door.