Is Your Website Gaining Traffic?

Is your website outdated or unappealing to your customers? It might be time to update your website, otherwise your website could be losing traffic, targeting the wrong venue of customers or be turning customers away with content that does not engage the customers.

It is important to stay relevant and keep your website up to date in order to be ahead in the market.


When contemplating the idea of getting your website redesigned, here are a couple questions to ask yourself before going forward.

The time between your last website update is a huge variable in whether or not you should spend time in redesigning your site. Having out dated content will directly affect the probability of your site showing up in a search engine result. Regardless of if you want to completely get your website done, if it has been a year or longer since your last update, time should be spent on updating the content on your site to keep it relevant.

Having old content, like layouts, images, resources, hyperlinks, ect. can immediately show the timeline of your website to a visitor. A broken hyper link or missing image can cause a visitor to question the creditability of your website, and potentially your brand. The best course of action is to make a list with all caused issues on your site, and then start finding content to replace or correct those issues within your site.

Depending on what you are looking to get done, estimating the time is a key factor. Having a plan of action before getting started will help you accomplish your goal in a much more efficient and less time consuming manner. This is because having just a simple content revamp, it could take a couple hours to a day or two, where as a full website rebuild could take weeks and sometimes even months, so having exactly what you want done helps to add a variable to the method to keep it as efficient as possible.

When looking to remodel your site, there is no crime in getting inspiration from another site. Take a look at popular sites, or maybe ones that you just like from your own personal preferences. Try and figure out what you like and don’t like about them and use that to your benefit to remodel you site. Do they have a simpler contact form, a widget you may like, a menu bar that really stands out or just a color scheme that really draws you in? When recreating your site, it is important to be original, but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Figuring out what your business goal is one of the biggest key element to building a website. Whether your goal is to convert online leads faster, or bring in visitors to your physical store, identifying what goals you have before creating your website is of the utmost importance when trying to achieve a highly regarded website.

Restating what has been said before, it is key to keep your content up to date. Customers expectations will surprise most in how much they expect when they visit a website, they want their online experience to mirror that of a physical experience. That being said, when product or specials or when anything at all makes a change, it is important to keep your website listings up to date, so that customers can see what is current with your brand/store.

With new technology within the internet, it is possible to monitor and track what sort of traffic is coming through to your site. With built-in web analytics or integrations, data of how people interact is now visible to the web host. Being able to pin point the target locations that are drawing in to your site, and being able to view demographic and device mediums, one can modify their strategies to selling so that they can maximize success for their goals.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, making sure your website is mobile friendly in today’s society is a must. Each year statistics come in on how more and more people are using their phone to do online searches, and how websites are converting more to making their websites have a mobile friendly site made in correlation to their regular website. Having a website that is not mobile friendly, when a customer is viewing their site on a mobile device, can really draw a customer away from your brand, and potentially have them back out from your site immediately. User interaction is what the goal of making a website is, and having it mobile friendly and easy to interact with from any device, is the most promising way to keeping customer interested with your website.