New Instagram Feature, Who Dis?

We know we’re not the only ones who noticed Instagram’s latest feature drop last Friday—and if you’re anything like us you immediately took to the app to go for a little test drive. 😎 Oh, we see you IGTV.

All of you social media moguls must have thought sweet! — if you’re an Instagram purist it was probably more of an eye roll… With modern-day consumer’s growing demand for versatile ways to share their content it’s a necessity for social media platforms to have it all—new ways to share, create, and enjoy content. Most importantly, they must find a way to square-up with leading competitors, in this particular case, YouTube.

Way before the launch of IGTV, we remember Instagram primarily being used as a means to share photos. While already proven to be one of the highest performing social media platforms, Instagram has grown to evolve– now capable of sharing video, multiple photos per post, live video streaming, and story share. Now we have IGTV, a hub to support video up to 60 minutes long. But why take a step in this direction? Instagram co-founder, Mike Krieger, illustrates why the creation of IGTV wasn’t necessarily a stretch, but rather a way to further ornament what was already there:

“I just talked to a creator this morning and their first reaction was, oh, another one. But then it became, there’s this different thing that I can do here, that I was meant to do, and it makes sense on Instagram… we’d seen how Stories had grown, and we’d seen how video was flourishing on Stories, but we also saw that it was limiting what people could do in terms of video.”

In other words—why have a separate channel when you can have one on Instagram? When it comes to video, the days of “link in bio” are over… and we are LOVING it. Instagram creators have perfectly demonstrated the importance of studying how audiences are using an app, what features they are seeking elsewhere, and then how they can bridge this gap to create a usage experience with the whole-package. Krieger dives into the thought process behind how users would incorporate IGTV into their regular Instagram routine:

“Our hunch here is that people are in different mindsets at different times. That’s why we also built it as a separate app, because we wanted something where when you’re in the mood for watching long-form (video), you have something that will give you exactly that.”

The overall main goal of IGTV is to spark more dialogue between creators and audiences on the social media platform and ensure that their users time spent on Instagram is meaningful, impactful, and enriching.

“A lot of the things that we’re doing research around is what feels like good time spent versus what feels like meaningless time spent. The constant theme is around interaction and making sure that you close that loop. I’ve been enjoying how much commentary there is happening on IGTV,” Krieger reflects.

Since its launch, Instagram is already planning exciting IGTV updates—WE KNOW. In the meantime, explore, enjoy, and see Instagram’s latest and greatest for yourself!

Check out Krieger’s full interview


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