Amazon Suddenly Shuts Down Google Shopping

Until recently, Amazon has significantly increased their paid investment across Google Shopping, which inevitably, has been a pain to advertisers due to the increased CPCs and the loss of impression share.  That is, until April 28th, where Amazon abruptly pulled out of bidding on Google’s Product List Ad (PLA) format.

According to data pulled by marketing firm Merkle, Amazon’s shopping campaigns had begun to slow down near the end of Q1

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If you have ever seen in your auction insights report, a sigh of relief should wash over you. Our clients are already benefitting from this shift and seeing a lower cost-per-click and increased impression share!

I understand it is not uncommon for competitors to leave the auction insights arena just due to the natural fluctuations of the auction, but it has been over a week since has been seen in the insights report, which alludes to the fact that Amazon has suspended its shopping campaigns…for now. 

Personally I am a bit confused by this move, and it is unclear as to when or if they will be back, but I am sure they will.


Digital Account Manager

Riley Trotter
Digital Account Manager